Pop on in anytime!

Melody Moran on April 27, 2016

Kaylon From left: Luke McKie, Camie Cochran, Taylor Weldon, Kaylon Holt, Milly Simmons, and Southland Academy headmaster Ty Kinslow

It all started when Kaylon Holt wanted to help out a friend's father who had been diagnosed with cancer. He started collecting pop tabs then and when his friends father passed away, he wanted to keep collecting and making a difference so he decided to donate his tabs to the Ronald McDonald House. We recycle them to help pay our utility bills. It was such a simple thing. Kaylon attends Perry Wellness Center and soon had everyone there helping him with this venture. After he and his sponsor Mulkey McMichael reached out to others in the community for help, the drive began to grown. Kaylon's first load of tabs was 110,000 tabs strong. He decided to set a goal of 1 Million Tabs but has since decided that after that goal is met, he plans to keep going!

He has now gotten his friends at Southland Academy and his the local McDonald's restaurant to help as well. In May of 2015 the school presented Kaylon with their first donation of 5,000 pop tabs. After 11 months, another donation of pop tabs was recently received from Southland Academy. This time their donation totaled a record 52,000 pop tbs. This week, the tabs were temporarily returned to Southland Academy for a photograph with Kaylon, several students, and the Headmaster Ty Kinslow. As the donations were positioned on the stage, an additional 23,000 tabs were presented as well!

We always look forward to a visit from Kaylon and the delivery of more tabs for our House! For more information on Kaylon's mission, Perry Wellness Center and the fabulous work they do, please visit them HERE!